LED Strip Light

led strip light

LED Strip Light

LED strip lights are a flexible lighting, which looks very attractive. It can be easily fixed to any surface or applied anywhere. These LED strip lights are made of very small LED circuit board, due to which it can be installed anywhere. You get these in different types of colors and designs.

LED strip lights are ideal for decorating homes with low power consumption. By cutting the LED strip lights from anywhere, you can install them on the ceiling of your house, bedroom, and guest room or anywhere according to your choice. After fixed LED strip lights, the beauty of your Bedroom, Dining area, Guest room etc. increases. It is also favorable for the eyes. Due to the flexibility of these lights, they easily fit into any design.

Sun Energy offers you a huge range of LED Strip Lights in different colors and designs.

Product Details
Body Material Ceramic
Lighting Color White
Input Voltage 230 V
Color Specification One Color
Operating Temperature 0 to 50 Degree Celsius

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